GPS Programmers’ Lab is the first Web and Software Development unit in Bargarh.Founded in 2017, with the purpose of enhance the digital market in our locality with an effective cost.

Our range of offering are built for Desktop, Web and Android applications.

Our goal is to providing user friendly software and web solution to your business where you can manage and secure your IT environment.

We working with both small and large scale industries to explore our fame.

As a trusted clients of GPS, our team always ready to give support for better and proper use of Software, Web and Mobile applications for client satisfaction.


To stretch the chain of our lab and fulfill the clients expectations and deliver a service that improves clients' business.

Why GPS?

Team GPS works with integrity, honesty and one goal - to provide the best customer service and solutions that work. We don't have outside influence or debt driving our business decisions, every choice is based on customer feedback and experience.

GPS is a Web Application, Software and Android Apps development unit.

We have limited clients but with a great “Client Satisfaction” from our service.

We provide affordable and cost effective service that relevant to your business.

We have dedicated team members for each development unit.

We follow a step-to-step process with dealing our clients for development projects.

We are small and we know the advantages of being small. Being small allows us to pay more attention to every single project and client. For us, a website is not just a website. We make websites with heart.

Our Team

Below are the core members of Team GPS:
Govinda Prasad Sarangi / Founder & Programmer

Govinda has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (Sambalpur University) and a Degree in Software Engineering (NIIT). He has vast knowledge of application development (both desktop and web application) and database designing. He also has knowledge of android application development using Xamarin, and the R&D is in progress. He believes Programming is Fun.

Harsh / Programmer

Harsh, the youngest member with brilliant programming skills which makes him different and special among his age group. He is pursuing his B.Tech in Computer Science (Christ University). He works remotely and also does research on new programming languages.